A variety of sterilized and homogenized milk from cow fresh and healthy milk

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  • Low fat milk
  • Full fat milk
  • Cocoa milk
  • Banana milk
  • Coffee milk


A variety of cheese prepared by cow fresh milk and free from preservatives

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  • White Cheese
  • Delight Cheese
  • Local Cheese
  • Lighvan Cheese
  • Breakfast cream cheese
  • Labne cheese
  • Cumin Cheese
  • Walnuts Cheese
  • Sliced toast cheese


A variety of yogurt with different flavors, produced by healthy and natural raw materials

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  • Delight yogurt
  • Aroma yogurt
  • High fat yogurt
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Pro- biotic yogurt
  • Cream yogurt
  • Shallot yogurt

Kashk Sauce

Hearty and unique flavor, reminder of the good memories of the old days

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  • Mug Kashk Sauce
  • Kashk Sauce kept in glass


Healthy drink prepared from cow fresh milk and natural additives

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  • Ramak gas free dough
  • Bag dough


Enjoy a unique breakfast with Ramak creams

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  • Sterilized cream


Ramak, a health producer company


Ramak considers family health promotion as one of the principal elements of public health. Provision of products lacking any sort of preservatives, usage of healthy and natural milk as well as the production of a new generation of symbiotic and pro-biotic products are great steps towards protecting Iranian families’ health.

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