Delight cheese (Low fat & Low salt)

In addition to being low in fat and low in salt, Ramak Delight cheese is called a “symbiotic” product because it is rich both in probiotic bacteria and fiber. The term symbiotic is used when a product contains probiotics and fiber at the same time. Probiotics are live and beneficial bacteria that also live naturally in the human digestive system, their consumption balances the intestinal microbial flora and ultimately enhances human health. Also, the presence of quality fiber in Delight cheese contributes significantly to the better performance and longer life of probiotics. Ramak Delight cheese has received the green label of the Food and Drug Administration, which is only given to products that contain various specific health factors, do not have artificial chemical additives, are produced from natural raw materials and are free of pesticides.

daylight Delight cheese
daylight Delight cheese
۶۰ کیلو کالری
۶۰ کیلو کالری
۶۰ کیلو کالری
۶۰ کیلو کالری
Characteristics of Ramak Delight cheese:

  • Delight cheese contains bacteria that is beneficial for gastrointestinal tract (probiotic), so it has a great effect on the prevention of respiratory and viral infections and strengthens the immune system.
  • Delight cheese contains fiber due to its symbiotic content. The growth and activity of probiotics in the presence of fiber is significantly increased.
  • The fiber in Delight cheese is very different and also impressive in amount.
  • People who are on antibiotics, people who have diarrhea, and people who find themselves in stressful situations are prescribed to give a priority to probiotics.
  • Gastroenterologists and nutritionists strongly recommend the use of probiotic products, especially to children and the elderly.

Benefits of probiotics:

  1. Strengthen the immune system and thus increasing the body’s resistance to disease
  2. Improving the function of the immune system, especially in people with underlying diseases such as diabetes and heart disease
  3. Production of anti-cholesterol substances
  4. Helps to improve Diabetes type 2 control
  5. Helps solving gastrointestinal problems such as: constipation, diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain
  6. Prevention of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  7. Increases the nutritional value of food
  8. Production of B vitamins
  9. Restoration of microbial flora of the gastrointestinal tract in favor of beneficial microorganisms and reducing the negative effects of antibiotics
  10. Reduction of cardiovascular diseases
  11. Improves lactose sensitivity and thus reduces intestinal bloating



Suitable time for consuming Ramak Delight cheese:

Consumption of Ramak Delight cheese at night causes “better absorption of calcium” and has a great and positive effect on the bones, calms the “nervous system” and increases the quality of sleep.

Consumption of Ramak Delight cheese as an evening meal causes better digestion of food. Adding cheese to vegetables as a salad or having cheese with watermelon can be a very good option as a snack.

Consumption of Ramak Delight cheese in the morning, due to rapid digestion, is immediately converted into energy and is considered a good food source to provide energy at the beginning of the day.

Consumption amount of Ramak Delight cheese:

Gastroenterologists and nutritionists recommend regular and periodic consumption of Delight cheese to all people, especially children and the elderly