Pizza cheese

Ramak mozzarella pizza cheese is a unique product of this dairy company. The quality, taste, texture and elasticity of this cheese are approved by nutritionists and chefs and can give a different taste to any type of pizza and lasagna. This product should be stored at a temperature below zero and in the standard -18 ° C. Today, due to the increasing preoccupation in individual lives, the number of fast-food fans has noticeably increased. Pizza is one of these foods that can be easily prepared at home, the most important part of which is cheese. Mozzarella Pizza Cheese and Ramak Pizza Topping are quality products that can affect the taste of your food.

pizza 180 500 min mozzarella pizza cheese

Pizza 500 mozzarella pizza cheese
Pizza 500 mozzarella pizza cheese
Pizza 180 mozzarella pizza cheese
0.3 gr
6 gr
Sugar Loaf
0.15 gr
75 Kcal
Characteristics of Ramak pizza cheese:

  • High protein content
  • Each serving (30 g) of pizza cheese and Ramak pizza topping has approximately 75 kcal of energy
  • Hygienic and modern packaging (Zip keep) that can be re-closed and kept fresh after each opening of the package.
  • Special packaging technology that prevents the texture to become sticky and lumpy.

Best time to eat pizza cheese:

  • Generally, cheese can be consumed at any time of the day (morning, noon and night), but due to the high protein and fat content of pizza cheese, which are slow-digesting compounds, it is recommended to use less of it at night.

Consumption amount of pizza cheese:

  • Due to the high amounts of protein and fat, this cheese helps a lot in providing energy in the body and according to the physical condition of people, its consumption amount can be different.