Stirred yogurt

One of the most delicious types of yogurt is the stirred yogurt. Yogurts are generally categorized as pot set, stirred or strained. Pot set yogurt is a form of yogurt that’s firm enough to hold a spoon upright, while this will not happen for stirred yogurt. Strained yogurts also have a similar texture, but are generally higher in fat due to their dehydration. Stirred yogurt has a soft and delicate texture that makes the consumer feel very good in the mouth. It can be said that today the most widely used type of yogurt in the world is the stirred yogurt, as many countries in the world use only this type of yogurt along with other additives such as fruits.

Sun 1800 Stirred yogurt
Sun 1800 Stirred yogurt
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How stirred yogurt is prepared:

In making stirred yogurt, cow’s milk is first heated until the milk temperature rises above 74 ° C. After this, the temperature of the milk is lowered to 45 degrees Celsius and rennet is added to it in large tanks. during and at the end of closing, the yogurt is stirred by a mixer until it gets the desired texture. After this step, the product is packed and transported to the fridge.

The difference between stirred and regular yogurt:

As mentioned, the main difference between regular yogurt and stirred yogurt is how they are processed. But in order to create a softer and more uniform texture, the stirred yogurt is slightly modified with starch in the process, and a small amount of salt is added for a bit of taste.

Benefits of yogurt:

Yogurts generally have many health benefits for the body, including the following:

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Rich in calcium to strengthen bones and teeth
  • Contains animal proteins to improve muscle function
  • Contains vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Contains a variety of B vitamins
  • Delicious taste and favorite of children and young people
  • Improves gastrointestinal function
  • Due to the presence of starch, it is a suitable food supplement for young children

Possible drawbacks of stirred yogurt:

In general, the delicious taste and health properties of stirred yogurt make it suitable for anyone. However, due to the addition of a little modified starch and a little salt, its consumption is not recommended for diabetics and people with high blood pressure.

Consumption situations:

Most people use stirred yogurt in the following cases:

  • Beside main dish or as a dessert
  • Combine them with nuts such as raisins and walnuts and eat as a snack
  • As a food supplement for children
  • As a main dish with bread
  • Used in cooking for some foods such as Persian Tahchin

• Use as a face mask for beauty