Semi-fat dairy spread butter

Semi-fat dairy spread butter:

By using special processes and adding cream, water, emulsifier and stabilizer to 82% fat dairy butter, semi-fat spread butter is prepared which its fat content has been reduced by about 27%. The taste and color of the butter obtained from this process is not significantly different from 82% fat dairy butter.

Ramak semi-fat pasteurized dairy spread butter:

Ramak has added semi-fat spread butter to its product portfolio since 2016. Ramak semi-fat dairy butter has 60% fat and despite having fewer calories, it has the nutrients of pasteurized butters. The low fat content of this product has made it very popular among butter lovers who are concerned about weight gain.

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Spread 50 Semi-fat dairy spread butter
Spread 50 Semi-fat dairy spread butter
Spread 20 Semi-fat dairy spread butter
Spread 10 Semi-fat dairy spread butter
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
  • Benefits of dairy butter:Here are some of the amazing benefits of Ramak pasteurized dairy butter:
    • Healthy skin and hair
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Reduces the risk of some cancers
    • Strengthens the health of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Improves thyroid function
    • Protects the eyes
    • Reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis

    The best and worst time to consume Ramak semi-fat pasteurized dairy butter:

    The flavorful and fragrant Ramak butter is a valuable food material with various uses. It can be selected and used as a main ingredient, when serving food, preparing various sauces, desserts, sweets and cooking. Here are some examples:

    • Consumption of Ramak butter is highly recommended in the morning, according to the main needs of the body, and in order to provide energy at this time of day.
    • Consumption of Ramak butter at lunch and with the main meal, completes the supply of energy and nutrients needed by the body and improves the flavor and scent of food.

    Consumption of Ramak butter as a snack can provide energy and nutrients needed by growing children.

    For people who want to lose weight, butter consumption is not recommended in general and especially at dinner time.

    Consumption amount of Ramak semi-fat pasteurized dairy butter per person:

    According to nutritionists, a maximum of 30% of the total daily calories should be provided by fats (including butter, cream, etc.). The amount of fat needed daily for each person is different, as follows:

    1600 calorie diets equal to 53 grams (sedentary women and some elderly people)

    2200 calorie diets equal to 73 grams (adolescent girls, active women, many sedentary men, this amount and somewhat higher is also suitable for pregnant and lactating women)

    2800 calorie diets equal to 93 grams (adolescent boys, many active men and some active women)

    It is best to consult a doctor about children and their nutrition.

    Tip: One tablespoon of semi-fat dairy spread butter contains 9 grams of fat.