ESL (Ultra-pasteurized) cream

Cream, which is one of the most popular dairy products among people, is made from milk fat. To prepare ultra-pasteurized creams, quality and fresh milk is given a 3-second heat shock so that first of all the pathogenic microbes in the milk are eliminated. This process, which is completed by one of the most modern production technologies from Europe, increases the shelf life of cream obtained from this method.

Cream 100 1 ESL (Ultra-pasteurized) cream
Cream 100 1 ESL (Ultra-pasteurized) cream
Honey Cream 100 ESL (Ultra-pasteurized) cream
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal

Ramak ESL (Ultra-Pasteurized) Cream:

Using this modern European technology, Ramak Company has started to produce ultra-pasteurized (ESL) creams. Ramak’s ultra-pasteurized cream is produced in two types: plain (30% fat) and flavored (honey-flavored 24% fat and cocoa-flavored 20% fat). Due to the greater thickness of cream than milk, the amount of vitamins and minerals is several times more than milk, and therefore it is considered a suitable food for meeting the daily need of energy for most people.

Due to mothers’ concerns about providing healthy food for their children, it is recommended that children use Ramak ultra-pasteurized cream in different meals on a daily basis in order to grow, strengthen bones, receive daily energy and improve their immune system.

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Benefits of cream:

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Ramak ESL (Ultra-Pasteurized) Cream:

  • Strengthens eye health
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves bones and teeth health
  • Reduces mood disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety
  • Promotes brain health
  • Reduces the risk of kidney stones

The best and worst time to consume Ramak ESL cream:

The fresh and delicious Ramak ESL cream counts as a valuable food , can be consumed in all meals as a healthy and delicious item or as a complementary or flavoring element in the preparation of various foods, sweets, cakes , desserts, sauces and toppings. Here are some examples:

  • Consumption of Ramak ESL (ultra-pasteurized) cream at breakfast is highly recommended, according to the main needs of the body at this time of day and to provide energy.
  • Ramak ESL cream can be used as a snack to provide energy and nutrients needed by growing children.
  • Cream consumption is not recommended for people who want to lose weight, in general and especially at dinner time.

Consumption amount of Ramak ESL cream for each person:

According to nutritionists, a maximum of 30% of the total daily calories should be provided by fats (including butter, cream, etc.). The amount of fat needed daily for each person is different, as follows:

1600 calorie diets equal to 53 grams (sedentary women and some elderly people)

2200 calorie diets equal to 73 grams (teenager girls, active women, many sedentary men, this amount and somewhat higher is also suitable for pregnant and lactating women)

2800 calorie diets equal to 93 grams (teenager boys, many active men and some active women)

For children, it is best to consult a doctor about their physics and nutrition.

Note: Two tablespoons of plain ultra-pasteurized cream contains 9 grams, of honey-flavored cream contains 7.2 grams and of cocoa-flavored cream contains 6 grams of fat.