Probiotic White cheese

Probiotic bacteria live naturally in the human gut and can suppress harmful bacteria in the body, thus having a significant impact on human health. One of the most effective ways to increase the population of probiotic bacteria and keep them continuously active in the body is to add probiotics to a variety of dairy products, including cheese, as the best carrier of probiotics.

Probiotic 400 2 Probiotic White cheese
Probiotic 400 2 Probiotic White cheese
Probiotic 400 2 Probiotic White cheese
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal
60 Kcal

Ramak Probiotic White Cheese:

Since cheese is one of the main breakfast items for most of us Iranians, its nutritional value is doubly important to us, so with the aim of increasing the health of consumers, Ramak White cheese is produced and delivered to the market. Probiotic micro-organisms, which also live naturally in the digestive system, especially the small intestine, grow and ferment after being added to Ramak White probiotic cheese.

Characteristics of Ramak Probiotic White Cheese:

  • Reducing the effects of lactose intolerance: People who are allergic to lactose in milk (for example those who feel bloating by drinking milk) can consume probiotic products safely and without worries.
  • Anti-cancer properties and reducing the risk of cancer
  • Cholesterol-reducing
  • The Increase in the nutritional value of the product is another feature of Ramak Probiotic cheese.
  • Contains 12% protein, the quality of Ramak Probiotic White cheese proteins is completely preserved due to the use of UF technology and preventing their loss.

Antiseptic properties: By preventing the growth of infectious bacteria in the body, it prevents complications caused by various infectious diseases, especially diarrhea.

  • Significant help with dental health
  • Regulate and strengthen the immune system: The use of cheese in the daily diet can help strengthen the immune system in response to pathogens.

Cheese benefits:

  • Cheese has the highest amount of protein among dairy products (protein is involved in building muscle tissue and keeping vital functions of the body, the quality of proteins in Ramak Probiotic White cheese is completely preserved due to the use of UF technology and prevention of their loss.)

Cheese contains a type of protein that has positive effects on bones and joint tissue and has a great contribution in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the “muscular” and “skeletal” systems

  • Contains phosphorus, which is involved in the growth and repair of body tissues

Contains water-soluble vitamins B12-B1-B2-B6

Contains fat-soluble vitamins A – D – E

  • Contains calcium, which is effective in the formation and strength of bones and dental health
  • Effective for blood clotting, wound healing and maintaining normal blood pressure.
  • Prevents cancer cells
  • Prevents diabetes
  • People who consume a minimum of 40 grams of cheese a day have a lower risk of heart disease than others.

Suitable time to consume Ramak Probiotic White cheese:

Consumption of Ramak Probiotic White cheese at night causes “better absorption of calcium” and has a great and positive effect on the bones, calms the “nervous system” and increases the quality of sleep.

Consumption of Ramak Probiotic white cheese as an evening meal, causes better digestion of food, adding this cheese to vegetables as a salad or having cheese with watermelon can be a very good option as a snack.

Consumption of Ramak Probiotic White cheese in the morning, due to rapid digestion, is immediately converted into energy and is considered a good food source to provide energy at the beginning of the day.

Consumption amount of Ramak Probiotic White cheese:

Doctors and nutritionists recommend regular and periodic consumption of Probiotic White cheese to all people, especially children and the elderly.