Ramak ESL semi-fat milk

The semi-fat ESL or ultra-pasteurized milk has 2.5% fat. A glass of semi-fat ESL milk has only 90 calories and can protect you from getting overweight. Also, the protein in Ramak ESL semi-fat milk is considered as a very good food source for daily energy supply.

Due to the common concerns of getting overweight caused by consumption of high-calorie products, we can safely recommend the use of ESL semi-fat milk for various meals on a daily basis, for bone growth and strength, daily energy supply and improvement of the immune system.

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ramak2 Ramak ESL semi-fat milk
ESL High 300x300 1 1 Ramak ESL semi-fat milk
Sugar Loaf
10.8 g
0.3 g
115.5 Kcal
4.8 g
Benefits of Ramak ESL semi-fat milk:

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Ramak ESL semi-fat milk:

Helps you lose weight

Strengthens bones and teeth

Helps prevent diabetes

Compensates for body dehydration

The best and worst time to consume Ramak ESL semi-fat milk:

The fresh and delicious Ramak ESL milk as a valuable source of nutrients, can be chosen to consume as a main healthy food in all meals. Here are some examples:

Consumption of Ramak ESL semi-fat milk at night, before going to bed, leads to a comfortable and restful sleep.

Consumption of Ramak ESL semi-fat milk in the morning eliminates lethargy, boredom and increases learning abilities.

Consumption of Ramak ESL semi-fat milk as a midmorning or evening snack can help to compensate for the body’s lost water, increase energy and freshness.

Drinking milk at lunch is not recommended.