Ramak non-carbonated heated Doogh

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Doogh is a dairy product that is produced from the combination of yogurt (Different types of yogurts with different fat percentages and specific acidity may be used) and a maximum 50% of drinking water, and it can also be flavored by adding salt and aromatic vegetable essences. If ordinary doogh is stored at room temperature (above 20 ° C), the process of sour doogh occurs quickly; But Ramak’s non-carbonated doogh, which also has a soft mint flavor, is heated and preservative-free with a much slower souring process. In fact, heated doogh is pasteurized once again after completing its pasteurization process in order to eliminate any microorganisms harmful to the human body.

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Suitable time to consume Ramak Doogh:

Ramak Doogh has a high nutritional value and is rich in protein, calcium and B vitamins, and its consumption along with the main meals is a great alternative to carbonated drinks and beverages. In this section, we will point out the best times to consume this refresher drink:

It is recommended to consume more doogh in warmer seasons (first six months of the year).

The best time to absorb more of the iron, protein and vitamins in doogh is when it is consumed at night.

To have a restful and comfortable sleep, it is recommended to drink a glass of doogh before going to sleep.

It is recommended to consume doogh to relieve hyperthermia and thirst.

People, especially women who suffer from anemia and iron deficiency, are recommended to drink doogh ten minutes after a meal, so that the iron in the food and the iron in the doogh are both absorbed by the body.

Consumption amount of Ramak Doogh:

A glass of doogh will meet a quarter of your body’s need for calcium.

Excessive consumption of doogh can cause the body to become out of balance.