Sterile low-fat milk

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Ramak UHT (ultra-high temperature) milk:

UHT process is one of the most modern production technologies, during this process the milk is exposed to the temperature of 150-135 ° C for 2 to 4 seconds and then is cooled down to 20 ° C and then it is packaged in suitable sterile packages (Tetra pak) with a completely hygienic condition. In this process, while maintaining the complete nutritional value of milk, all the spoilage factors of milk are eliminated. Using Tetra pak technology, Ramak offers UHT milk in quality packages made with a superb Swedish technology.

Ramak UHT low-fat milk:

Low-fat UHT milk contains 1.5% fat. Calcium and vitamin D in milk helps with the formation and strengthening of bones and the health of teeth. It also plays a role in building muscle tissue and vital functions of the body due to its protein content.

Due to the mothers’ concerns about providing healthy food for their children, it is recommended to use Ramak UHT low-fat milk in different meals on a daily basis in order for the children to grow and strengthen the bones, provide daily energy and improve the immune system.

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