Ramak Shallot yogurt

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Yogurt and shallots build one of the most delicious food combinations that Iranians have ever discovered. Few people have never enjoyed eating this delicious combination along with potato chips or other snacks. This wonderful combination, when combined with black pepper and a little salt, will definitely be very delicious and enjoyable. Ramak Shallot yogurt has combined delicious stirred yogurt, organic shallot, fresh black pepper and a little salt to create a combination that multiplies the pleasure of snacks for guests and family members.

Characteristics of Shallot yogurt:

Yogurt is rich in calcium and vitamins A, D, E, K. For people who suffer from lactose intolerance, yogurt can be a good substitute for milk. Yogurt also contains a protein that is easily absorbed by the body. B vitamins, folic acid (which is essential for cell growth and metabolism, as well as for many bodily functions, including the health of the nervous system, blood, and cells), potassium, phosphorus, iodine, and zinc are also found in yogurt.

In Iran, shallot has many uses and is used as flavoring, to make pickles, or to add taste and disinfect doogh and yogurt. Shallots contain high amounts of antioxidants, flavonoids such as quercetin, vitamin A, vitamin C and important minerals such as sulfur, potassium and manganese.

The combination of yogurt and shallots, in addition to creating a delicious taste and containing the benefits of both foods, has another feature. Most people usually prefer not to consume shallots because of the smell, or tend to consume them with caution in some cases. The combination of these two together makes the smell of shallots greatly absorbed and only the taste remains. Therefore, consuming it at any time of the day can bring pleasure without worry for the consumer.